The Come Back of Midcentury Modern Homes and Furniture

There is no denying that Midcentury Modern has made a huge come back and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. A recent search on resulted in 290,991 Midcentury Modern home design photos.  Midcentury Modern homes are being coveted as is Midcentury Modern furniture. While the clean lines, open floor plans and large windows often associated with Midcentury Modern homes were ahead of their time, today, they evoke a sense of nostalgia and warm hearted feelings of “simpler times”. Though these homes were created in the mid-20th century, they blend almost seamlessly into the landscapes of today. Considered an American evolution, Midcentury Modern is credited mostly to Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Writer, Anna Marie Erwert stated, “As an architecture style, Mid-Century modern celebrates something cleaner, more stark and capacious than the Victorian school.” Midcentury modern homes can be found in many places, but Palm Springs, California is often thought of as a “Midcentury Modern oasis” that features one of the world’s largest collections of mid-20th century modern architecture. Private homes, condos, villas, and commercial properties all share the Midcentury Modern aesthetic in Palm Springs and because many of the best early examples of Midcentury modern homes were built in California, the term California Modern is also used to describe this style.

As stated above, it isn’t just Midcentury Modern homes that are garnering all the buzz. Original furniture from this era, can be purchased on Etsy and Ebay and with the quantities being limited, it’s a seller’s market. Furniture retailers like Room & Board and Blu Dot are literally banking on this “here to stay” trend with their reproductions from the past.  To conclude, whether you are a fan of Midcentury Modern or not, expect to continue to watch it rise in popularity.

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