Sustainable Architecture Amidst The Rockies

At an elevation of 9,200 feet in Aspen, Colorado, Voorsanger Architects tackled the challenging landscape while building the Wildcat Ridge Residence. With alpine vistas on the horizon, architects focused on the transparency of the building, allowing for maximum views of the mountains without competing with their scale. The design incorporates three major elements responding to its spectacular site: a dramatic folded plate roof, an immense moss rock wall marking the division between the east and west wings of the building, and large expanses of exterior glass. By following the longitudinal parallel of the crest of the mountain with the public rooms, study, and master bedroom oriented west toward dramatic views. Guest bedrooms have an eastern orientation with views of the receding mountain ranges. Exquisite black walnut finish for the floors, walls and ceilings. With an exterior of local sandstone and stucco, seventy-two geo-thermal wells and a generator provide the house with sustainable energy. Rendering the home virtually independent from outside support services. The wells heat the driveways, pool and house during the cold winter months while cooling the space during the summer, without depleting any fossil fuels.

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