Suspend Your Disbelief: A Five-Star Treehouse

By Hilary Trondle Pavlik

For those of us with, shall we say, “elevated” tastes, we’ve discovered a new place to hang.  The E’Terra Samara five-star eco-resort in Tobermory, Canada has just completed 12 incredible treetop villas with stunning views of the Georgian Bay, opening February 2013.

Picturing the rickety, drafty, wooden box from your childhood? Think again.  These luxurious, upscale tree houses designed by Farrow Partnership are far from roughing it.  Each tree villa is comfortably furnished, beautifully designed and, of course, ecologically magnificent.

The spectacularly airy aeries are nestled in the Bruce Peninsula forest, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve just 4 hours northwest of Toronto.


They’re carefully suspended from, not nailed into, the tree trunks, effectively making these tree houses “of the trees,” as well as “in the trees.”  Each villa is then strategically rotated to attain complete privacy and an optimal view for E’Terra tree dwellers.


The unique, nature-inspired design evokes the maple tree’s samara seed–the “maple key,” “whirlybird,” or “helicopter” of your childhood.  The sleeping section is situated at the fruit end of the seed, while the living area stretches across the spacious “wing,” providing plenty of relaxation space to hang out comfortably.


Each pod-like, single-bedroom villa is protected by a fiberglass-coated, flame-resistant, fabric bonnet to keep the elements out and the coziness in.   The surprisingly spacious design also includes a composting toilet and eco-friendly shower–truly a new twist on the E’Terra Resort’s award-winning wellness retreats. Or is that retreets…