Porsche Pavilion: Minimalism at its Finest

HENN Architects have completed the elegant, wave-like Porsche Pavilion in Wolfsburg, Germany. Designed for the Autostadt, it is one of seven feature pavilions at the park showcasing automobile brands. The Porsche building sits adjacent to the VW Pavilion, giving visitors an opportunity to explore the history of the brand.

HENN combined architecture and landscape, interior and exterior as well as roof and facade with this coherent, flowing structure. The organically shaped building at the center of the Autostadt captures the spirit of driving through curving lines, plunging bends and a seamless building skin. A cantilever profile blends into surroundings while concealing the entrance to the interior showroom.

The Pavilion has been awarded the Best of the Best in Architecture Award for 2012 by the German Design Council.