Pirates Bay House

Located on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia this L-shaped, one-story home is known as the ‘Pirates Bay House.’ Designed by Stephen O’Connor and Annick Houle, partners at O’Connor and Houle Architecture, the 2152 square foot house is for the two architects and their twins. Their result is an elegant, minimalist house that evokes the ease and tranquility of a traditional summer home.

Because they had full control of the project, the partners were able to indulge in all of their favorite features placing value on a slower pace of life and harmony with nature. They created the design to emphasize the various ways in which residents interact with their living environment; from the play of light on the walls and through windows and doorways, to the feel of materials and textures. The optimal use of sunlight, rainwater and other natural resources as well as the selection of landscaping features and native plants with minimal maintenance, were all part of the owners’ wishes of sustainable living. Non-toxic materials, low-energy appliances and recycled timbers were also selected for the same reason.

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