More Than a Collared Shirt: Male Fashion for the Game of Polo

Polo is a fashionable game played on horseback where the players use mallets with long flexible handles to drive a wooden ball through goalposts first played in Persia in the 6th century BC. The first British polo clubs were formed in India in the mid-19th century and arrived in the United States a few decades later. A standard polo team is made up of four players whose positions are numbered 1–4 and polo has primarily been played by the wealthy because of the expense of acquiring and maintaining a stable of polo horses.

Fashion has long been an important part of the game of polo. For polo players, traditional white riding trousers or jodhpurs are worn. Jodhpurs took their name from the Indian state of Jodhpur. In addition, players wear the standard button-down collared polo shirt that Brooks Brothers initially developed specifically for polo players who wanted to keep their collar tabs from flapping in their faces. For male spectators, it’s all about statement sunglasses, stylish flat soled shoes, pressed slacks and light and airy dress shirts in cotton and linen paired with a slim cut oxford blazer.

It would be difficult to think about the game of polo without also imagining Ralph Lauren’s iconic and classic polo shirt first introduced in 1972 in 24 colors. “With its rich heritage and thoroughly modern appeal, the polo is not only a Ralph Lauren classic; it is also part of the Polo Ralph Lauren identity and is as timeless as the brand that revolutionized it.”

Polo fashion for men is timeless and classic and at times, a little edgy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a little color and pattern and don’t leave home without your aviators.

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