Luxury Lego Architects

We have all been architects at some moment in our life. Building with blocks at age six. Building forts with sticks and stones with the neighborhood kids at age ten. Building your first wood shop project your freshman year of high school. Building your virtual Sim City on any game console, at any age. All of these outlets helped us to express our unique concepts as works of art; Lego, especially, has been there throughout our lives, making us realize that we can construct anything, at any age, and enjoy it.

Think you’re too old to play with legos? Think again. In recent years Lego has added a new adult experience to the building mix, the Lego Architect product line.In 2008 Lego reached out to trained architect Adam Reed Tucker to help bring life to the architecture product line.  In a joint effort they chose structures to help personify the past, present, and future of famous architectural works and wonders.  The selection includes: the Empire State Building, St. Louis Gateway Arch, the White House and many others.

The sets also include luxury homes such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s world famous, “Falling Water.”  This lego set is one of the most complex of the entire group. At 815 pieces, it is intended for ages 16 and up costs $99.

For all those that have wondered how these famous buildings were constructed, the sets offer some answers. The architectural complexities are certainly not the same in real life as compared to the Lego sets, but there are some equally frustrating problems to work through. Delicacy; natural raw materials vs. small plastic lego pieces. Intricacy; design limitations vs. steady hands for Lego. Building instructions; complex blueprints vs. Lego’s instruction booklets.  And of course the touch of the artist; the trained architect vs. the regular Joe.  But look at it this way, with Lego, at least you can mess up, remove a piece, try again, and still be a luxury architect.