Luxury Camping: When Architecture and Nature Collide

On the coast of New South Wales a casual, elegant beach house enhances the beauty of the landscape fusing nature and architecture in its contemporary design. Designed by Bourne Blue architects, this simple and compact vacation home is made of three pavilions. Landscaping in between and a streamlined roof help to minimize the scale and bulk of the structure. Complete with an open floor plan and an Eastern roofed deck that doubles as an additional living area the modern beach house is comprised of economical and corrosion resistant materials.

Focusing on minimalist design, the architects moulded the structure to suit the vacation site and showcase the shoreline, paying specific attention to detail on entry to the building from the

beach and surfboard storage, to towel drying areas in the sun and wetsuit areas in the shade. Sustainable features of the home include; a 4.5kW photovoltaic system which produces energy and feeds the excess back into the power grid, low embodied energy materials, worm farm wastewater treatment system, all water storage, LED and Fluoro lighting and thorough insulation.