Little Creatures Brewery

From reformed crocodile farm to beer brewery and serving establishment, Little Creatures Brewery has been completely transformed over the years. Architect Paul Burnham is the mastermind behind the Fremantle site. The establishment contains six different bars, an outdoor harbor-side dining area, bocce court, music venues, a gallery and a 24-hour brewery for 1,200 visitors. The creation of beer requires aesthetically industrial processes and materials, which have been left exposed and mirrored in design from the steel and timber frames, concrete floors, wood fixtures and metal roof. The expansive space is situated to optimize the brewing process while fusing hospitality into the process; putting the customer in direct contact with a lively working environment as they enjoy the very products brewing just yards away. The ends of the three sheds are large curtain walls flooding the interior with natural light and allowing views to the public park in the north and the fishing harbor to the south.

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