Light Me Up!

This year at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, luxury carmaker AUDI flaunted their visually stunning development of innovative vehicle lighting by presenting concepts using OLED technology.

Designboom brought these awesome concepts to our attention, and what’s the coolest thing about this technology other than looking like nothing you’ve ever seen? It’s that the lights think and react to driving situations in real-time. The OLED technology can, for example, react to the approaching driver, follow his or her movements and highlight the main contours of the vehicle or the door handle. When the user has entered the car, restrained OLED lighting will become active inside.


Even more impressively, AUDI used this technology to develop something called “the swarm” (below) which basically converts a large portion of the vehicle’s rear exterior into a continuous, ever changing light source. Movements of the red dots follow the movements of the vehicle. when a right turn is made, they flow to the right; when the car is braked, they flow rapidly forwards; the faster the car goes, the faster they move. the following driver can always see right away what the driver of the car in front is doing.

How soon will we see this technology on the roads? We dont know quite yet. But I’d want to be one of the first in line to see what the price tag is, and take one for a ride!