LEGO Denmark: Where Work is Actually Fun

Architects Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord transformed LEGO’s development department office in Billund, Denmark into an inspiring place focused on creativity, imagination and innovation. The new design allows designers to work closer together while supporting a playful atmosphere for the curious child inside every employee.

Adorned with striking wall papers of giant blades of grass and tables with built-in bonsai gardens, the ground floor has an informal meeting space in the center of the room encouraging social interaction and idea exchange. Lounge areas are nestled between individual workspaces, displays, model-building tables and a library of LEGO pieces.

The first floor is an extension of the balcony, equipped with 8 glass-fronted brightly colored meeting rooms overlooking the open space below. The walkway was transformed into a whimsical oversized sitting area, where “clouds” unfold and expand into sofas for a unique conference space. A slide acts as a connection of the two floors, or an escape route from meetings.

The designated “Fun Zone” creates room for relaxation and socializing with a yellow table/bar and a number of LEGO building tables. It’s a child’s dream where imagination runs wild and work is fun again.