It’s Posh B’Gosh: A Children’s Luxury Shopping Dream

On the tails of fashion week, we’ve found what might just be the coolest high-end kid’s clothing store on the planet:Bambini. We first found it on The Cool Hunter but you’ll find it this Spring, located in the heart of the 1st district in Vienna, Austria.

Have no fear, this bizarre bazaar far, far from your typical kiddie store. The quirky, multi-level fashion emporium for tots was custom-designed by the Viennese firm of Denis Kosutic, highly respected for his anti-traditional approach to architecture.  Bambini is the latest spectacular execution of Kosutic’s eccentric sensibility. The combination of brilliant-colored displays with somber grey backdrops and soft velvet draping with harsh metallic adornments creates a striking, yet slightly unsettling environment – like Alice meets Tim Burton in Wonderland. _MG_5092Kosutic collaborated with Marieke Kuchenbecker and Carina Habert to design this imaginative shopping experience fit for a prince or princess.  Each unique wall and floor treatment was specifically created for Bambini. For instance, friezes of mushrooms, lollipops and pears add childish appeal to the grey shadowy walls, while seats shaped like mushrooms, bananas, lemons, and plums add a bold pop of color and whimsy at kid-level.


Each thought-provoking display accomplishes the designers’ goal to “allow adults to be kids and kids to be adults” in this 3875 square foot upscale shopping space where child-sized mannequins confined in copper cages model miniature ensembles from designer brands like Fendi, Gucci, La Perla, Missoni, and Roberto Cavalli.

Bambini is the first children’s shop custom-designed for Vienna-based MB Fashion Gmbh, and is appropriately situated near luxury flagship stores such as Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Prada and Yves Saint Laurent. So, the whole family can stock their wardrobe with the season’s essentials, in one afternoon.

Cool and convenient: just how we like it.