Inside the Barclay’s Center

The 2012-2013 NBA season has begun.  The Brooklyn Nets are set to play their first game in their new luxurious arena, the Barclay’s Center.  The arena opened with a concert from co-owner and rapper, Jay-Z.  As New York and New Yorkers deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the first game was to be slated for November 1st with crosstown rival the New York Knicks.  The Barclay’s Center will make it’s NBA game debut Saturday, November 3, as the Brooklyn Nets will face the Toronto Raptors.  Let’s take a peek into some of the luxurious aspects of the center.

One of the defining aspects is the exterior design of the center.  The weathered steel look purposely stretches the entire arena.  While the front facade oculus provides a state of the art video screen.

The wide open concourse provides terrazzo marble floors creating a luxurious upscale condominium feel.  In the daylight the floor appears blue and during the night it gives off the feel of a New York Nightclub.

The Vault is a private club at $600,000 for the private suite includes 8 floor seats.

Jay-Z designed The Vault and The Commons Area.  The underground suites have no windows and is full of privacy.

The suite level in the Barclay’s gives off a 5 star hotel feel. Single suites provide a capacity of 8 guests and while the party suites are available for 18-64 people.

Black seats were chose from the beginning to make a strong bold impression.  The court lies below ground level like much of the arena.  The wood panels create a “V” like shape in the floor design unlike any other arena.

The bold design of the interior of the arena translates in the the locker room.  The noticeable difference when taking a tour of the locker room is the everything is taller.  The sinks are about a foot higher than normal, the shower faucet is 9 feet in the air against the wall, and the tables stand 6 feet tall.

The jacuzzi’s can even relax a 7 foot center comfortably.

Jay-Z incorporated his 40/40 club into the arena.  Available to those with suite tickets or willing to make reservations it provides carving stations, food carts filled with delicacies, and a circular bar with television screens. The windows on the arena’s south wall are so close to Flatbush Ave., it feels like you’re on the street.

Lastly is Mikhael Prokhorov’s private box.  A red lacquer Robert Mondavi Winery bar has seats that look down to the arena floor.  Providing a dramatic affect as you look left to right in the arena, Prokhorov’s red interior will be noticeable.