I’ll Park Right Here

We all dream about driving that Ferrari, Maybach, or Bugatti to help everyone understand the significance of our wealth.  Well, not only driving those cars signifies such, but don’t trip over it getting out of bed if you stay at the luxurious Hamilton Scotts in Singapore.

After exploring your way down Orchard Road you can enter a specially designed elevator, from building developer Hayden Properties to take your vehicle now vertical.   But wait, of course, security.  To get to your upper level humble abode you must complete a biometric security check of fingerprints or your iris being scanned, very James Bond like.

Considering we know car enthusiasts can’t just have one car, an apartment with two parking spaces will cost a simple $7.5 million, or you can for the penthouse suite, which includes four spots for a grand total of $24 million.  What better for car enthusiast, to not only think the expense is worth it, but also keep their eyes on their prizes at all times.

KOP Properties built the 30-story skyscraper made of 56 apartments includes swimming pools, play pools, jacuzzis, and a gym.  I am surprised they passed on the downstairs restaurant and bar.  Well….no drinking and driving.