Georg Jensen Short Film Introduces Wine Accessories Collection

Scandinavian luxury lifestyle brand, Georg Jensen, produced “Sandell & The Book,” a short film to launch the new Wine & Bar collection. Representing quality craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design, the 108-year old company produces lifestyle products ranging from watches to jewelry to silverware, and now wine accessories.Featuring the designer behind the collection, Thomas Sandell, actress Christiane Schaumburg-Müller and real-life sommelier Bo Bratlan, the short film profiles the sophisticated assortment of wine accessories in daily use, built around the universal tale of man-meets-woman-in-a-bar. The film perfectly showcases the collection’s functionality and form, allowing viewers an insight into the world of wine and design.

Sandell, known for his daring ideas, brings his signature balance and intelligent touch to each of the Wine & Bar pieces.