Geometric and Clutter-Free Chelsea Workspace

Combining creative design processes and intelligent fabrication techniques the design team at Synthesis, has created the ultimate home office free from distractions: Chelsea Workspace. With limited space and budget, the team installed a series of prefabricated CNC milled birch plywood ribs atop all the necessary features of a home office (a desk, sliding and hinged storage units, printer, paper shredder) while concealing paths for wires, cables and recess lighting. The discrete yet sculptural design creates a dynamic statement through subtle techniques for this custom office and storage system.

Utilizing the only window in the room, natural light pours onto the surfaces where horizontal “spacers” are arranged in a pattern of the world map. Storage elements are internally illuminated with LED’s to gently articulate the floating boxes within the fluid field of curved ribs. The geometric form provides a viable solution for a distraction-free home office, eliminating clutter in an interesting way and fostering productivity.