Furniture Follows Fashion

Every year, for one week in September and February, the world turns its head to New York City for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, commonly known as New York Fashion Week. This year, New York Fashion Week was held on February 7th through the 14th where it got off to a blustery start thanks to a winter storm that abruptly swept its way in. Fashion Week was full of exciting looks and trends that will pop up at retailers everywhere next fall and winter.

A few trends worth highlighting were brightly colored leather accessories and outerwear and a slew of other types of apparel saturated in bright, bold hues reminiscent of the 1990s when supermodels were THE celebrities.  Fur was all over the runway (whether you like it or not) in both its un-dyed natural state and vibrant, dyed colors to match the fashion.  Combining a formal, floor length silk or satin skirt and topping it off with a cotton sweater in a sort of “shabby meets chic” way was rather interesting as well. Pattern and new methods of color blocking (an on-going trend) also dominated runways in Lincoln Center and all over New York where hundreds of other noteworthy fashion shows also took place.

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If form is to follow function, then furniture will surely follow fashion. The world of fashion and the world of interior design are closely related. Trends in fashion often have quite an influence on furniture, rugs, carpet, and paint and so on. Or, is it the other way around? Regardless of what came first, you can be sure that when trends hit major clothing retailers, they may have appeared or will soon be appearing at higher-end furniture stores and in the pages of magazines like ELLE Décor and Architectural Digest.  Earth-friendly furniture manufacturer, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams recently launched their new line for spring 2013. They describe the new line as “A Comfortable Mix of Pattern, Punch and Personality.” Sound familiar? It should. Mitchell Gold and other home goods retailers such as Crate and Barrel and ABC Carpet and Home are bursting with color, pattern and texture at the seams much like what was happening on the runways in New York.

If you want to know what color to paint your walls or what fabric you should choose for your new sofa, turn to the runways. If you’re not sure you want to invest in that bright plum sweater, ask an interior designer! Either way, you’ll be right on trend.

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