From Iceland With Love: The Icelandair Hotel

Daydreaming of an Icelandic getaway? Why not? 

Located in the up-and-coming harbor district of Reykjavik, Iceland is the über trendy Icelandair Hotel.

Iceland, the warmer Nordic European island country.

Designed by THG Architects, the 108 room hotel is a mixture of modern and vintage design with a Nordic influence. The current look and design of the hotel is built on the history of the house, but the building at Myrargata 2-8 has accommodated various businesses and activities through the years such as a paint factory and a service building for the Dry-Dock.

With a backdrop of the majestic Mount Esja and Faxafloi Bay, they created a sleek yet quirky atmosphere playing with colors, textures and lighting. All designs, furniture and fixtures for the hotel were specially manufactured and built in Iceland.