Ferrari’s Winter Driving Experience

Ferrari will be launching an opportunity this month to test-drive its first four-wheel drive supercar: The Winter Driving Experience. If you own a Ferrari and have ever been tempted to put your handcrafted vehicle at risk in wintery weather, we can’t blame you. The adrenaline-pumping potential to drift and slide your Ferrari over slick roads is undeniably enticing, but there is thankfully now a simpler (and less personally liable) solution to appease your inner stunt double.

Exclusive to Ferrari owners, the Aspen-based program gives participants the chance to handle the all-new FF model, the first in Ferrari’s history designed with four-wheel drive. Although this new improvement is generally reserved for more sensible cars, Ferrari claims that the FF maintains sporty and dynamic handling—precisely why they are welcoming supercar fans and/or skeptics of this more practical technology to drive it themselves.

On the program’s first day, students under direction of Ferrari instructors will experience the FF on a snow-and-ice track in Steamboat Springs, an hour flight away from lodging at The Little Nell Resort. Day two includes an all-day FF Road Rally through mountain and canyon roads.

The Winter Driving Experience is a pretty smart move by Ferrari to launch their new technology. Four-wheel drive isn’t exactly an expectation for supercar owners, but judging by its winter weather performance it could potentially become a necessity for some.

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Check out the Ferrari website for more information.