Dreaming of a Vertical Garden with GSky

GSky Plant Systems, the leading provider of vertical gardens and green roofs in North America, wants to bring the luxury of the outdoors to your home. By integrating plants into spaces in which we live and work, GSky’s endeavors enrich the lives of urban dwellers while improving the quality of the environment around them. The company offers four different systems based on the size and complexity of your home in a variety of intricate pattern and design ideas.

Pro Wall Panel System: Flexible, modular system comprised of proprietary panels. Used for creating virtually any type of design on any type of surface. Through the use of a proprietary structural growth medium, they perform well in high-wind and seismic prone areas. Self-irrigating and low-maintenance, they are installed fully grown to provide an instant effect.

Versa Wall Tray System: Trays that hold industry standard 4″ – 4.5″ pots and water the plants without dripping water out the front of the system. Perfect for areas with seating in front of the wall, tight areas without room for a drip pan, etc. This system is very easy to maintain and can be installed without a direct water connection to the wall. It also features 100% water efficiency, meaning there is zero water waste when used with the recirculation option.

Basic Wall Container System: Container system with trellis that trains vines over an integrated container and screen that is attached to the building facade. Best used for creating large outdoor green walls without a pattern, they are the most cost effective solution.

Smart Wall Cabinet: Best suited for indoor environments such as lobbies, reception areas, hallways and other places of high traffic. Built for quick and simple deployment, the GSky Smart Wall system is durable, easy to maintain and economical.

GSky, founded in 2004 by Chad Sichello, strives to make plant systems more accessible and functional in urban environments. Their work can be seen in several West Elm, Whole Foods, and W Hotel locations across America.