Creative Fusion of Golf, Leisure, & Design

On the banks of the Óbidos Lagoon in the western coastal region of Portugal is Bom Sucesso Architecture Resort.  The resort has been in operation since the end of 2004.  The location of this five star resort was chosen on the basis of the rich history and cultural heritage building off the characteristics of the region.

Contemporary design mixed with art and nature was the creative fusion and cornerstone for the concept behind the project.  The project was designed in order to appreciate architectural design mixed with consumer experience.  One of the primary features of the resort is the Golf Tourism Village, comprising of 601 housing units, 325 detached villas, 276 townhouses, and a 120-room hotel, including the 18-hole golf course.  It was agreed that all housing would be designed to fit in harmony with its natural surroundings.  This means all houses are to be predominately one story, with green roofs, and with hedges as barriers to guarantee privacy. All villas and facilities will have roof gardens and climbing plants, and even the gardens are arranged according to a carefully planned landscape project. There are in excess of 15.000 trees to be found all over the resort, among which we would like to draw attention to more than 2.000 olive trees, some of them over a thousand years old.

Bom Succeso plans to keep evolving the resort with new attractions and amenities.  Currently the resort offers many different options ranging from playgrounds, swimming pools, recreational sites and restaurants.  “RIO CORTIÇO” beach just lays less than 3k away from the resort for some additional rest and relaxation.  The resort does plan to add these additional amenities to help improve consumer experience: sports fishing lake, amphitheatre, design center, fitness trail, heliport, historical garden, and a pet hotel.

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