Cooking Up Luxury

Do you dream of preparing vegetables for a Sunday morning omelette on a solid crystal ‘island’? Luckily for you, so did Claudio Celiberti, lead designer of the world’s most expensive kitchen. Late last week, the kitchen design was unveiled at an exclusive launch party in London.

What, other than a solid Murano crystal island, makes this kitchen the world’s most expensive you might be wondering? Maybe its the crystal chandelier that is lighting and providing ambiance for the room? Or, the solid copper lined custom refrigerator? Or the stone worktop and custom german appliances? Well, it’s a combination of all those things and other extravagant pieces that make this kitchen design worth £1 million, or roughly $1.6 million.

Some options that you could choose to be included in your custom kitchen are fitted Murano crystal handles, solid copper lining for cabinets, or a climate controlled wine cabinet. Why copper you ask? Copper is regarded as one of the most hygienic kitchen materials because it naturally counteracts microbes.


Now that you’re warmed up to the idea of this kitchen, I have to warn you…There’s an 8 month waiting list for the Celiberti’s team design services!

Source: The Daily Mail