Bulgari Serpenti

The serpent has been recognized throughout history and art as an ancient symbol of wisdom, eternity and renewal. If you happened to be in New York, Rome or Tokyo at any point this past holiday season, you likely saw a massive luminescent snake winding across the façade of Bulgari. Adorning the entrance to its three main flagship stores, these striking (and impossible to ignore) temporary LED installments were designed to highlight the iconic jeweler’s newest Bulgari Serpenti line.

The snake has long been an icon for Bulgari, and to truly embody the legend behind the symbol, the brand’s Serpenti line is constantly redesigned. Described on the Bulgari website as a “contemporary vision of a timeless icon”, the designer strives to always marry the refinement of long-standing tradition with an unmistakable finish of sleek modernity.

The 2012 Serpenti redesign remains beautifully consistent with the Italian designer’s revered timeless and sophisticated aesthetic. It includes both jewelry and accessories, each piece meticulously designed and uniquely crafted with precious stones and exclusive fine materials such as Karung skin, rubies, diamonds, and mother of pearl.

However visually powerful these new pieces may be on their own, what causes this particular redesign to far exceed already high expectations is the masterpiece behind the promotion. Aside from the aforementioned giant light snakes, the brand released a series of videos and photographs to accompany the line. The famously talented Annie Leibovitz captures English actress Rachel Weisz as the new face of Serpenti in dark, mysterious and undeniably elegant editorial shots.

The purpose behind Bulgari Serpenti is to embody a striking femininity with a seamless fusion of curves and geometric abstraction. Each bag clasp, gemstone setting and timepiece hand is clearly a product of perfection—evident through the art within the pieces themselves and their accompanying photographs. This Serpenti line transcends an ordinary jewelry release—the perfectionists at Bulgari have made it into an experience.

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The “Eternal Beauty” Serpenti video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tpUT9lty8U


The Collection on Bulgari’s website: http://us.bulgari.com/campaign/serpenti/#/collection