Brad Pitt’s New Role

Brad Pitt, actor, father of six, and husband of Angelina Jolie has found a new hobby inspired by a chance encounter in the early ’90s. As a student at the University of Missouri, Pitt discovered Frank Lloyd Wright when he was looking for a two-credit course to get out of French.  Pitt said, “Frank LLoyd Wright changed my life forever.”

On November 13, 2012 in New York City, Pitt will unveil his first furniture line, a collaboration with Frank Pollaro (a New Jersey based design firm most well known for their Art Deco-style work.) Of about a dozen designs including tables, chairs, and even a bed, only nine will be made of each piece.  Also, each piece will be composed in different materials.

Though it is his first collection, is not Pitt’s first venture into the architecture and design world.  His foundation, “Make It Right,” brought together prominent architects to create quality affordable housing for residents of New Orleans that had been devastated by the effects of hurricane Katrina. So, will we see more of Pitt in his new role as architect/designer? We’ll certainly keep you posted.