Boston is Booming

What we are seeing today is a move from renting to buying, and with rates on the rise Boston is starting to feel more like Manhattan. Inventory is at an all time low, which is driving up the prices up, and overheating the market. Why one might ask? Look no further than the areas 40 Universities, dozens of hospitals, one of the country’s largest biotech communities, and of course, the huge influx of World renowned Financial Companies/Hedge Funds.  As these companies grow, so does the need for housing. Also, there is a growing trend for empty Nester’s that wants to simplify their lives by moving into the city from surrounding Suburbs like Wellesley, Newton, Weston, Sudbury and Andover.  Combine that with a huge inflow of money from Asia and The Middle East and you have a recipe for a quickly moving market. In essence Boston is booming.