A Well Designed Life

For Stan Adamik, well-known Pittsburgh-based interior designer, an average Monday morning is never just average. At any given time, Stan is managing at least twenty different projects ranging from selecting new carpet for a hallway to a complete gut and renovation of a 6,000 square foot home all at Weisshouse, a design destination specializing in high-end flooring, furniture and kitchens where Stan has been a staff designer since 2003. Stan handles the stress and pressure of the fast-paced world of interior design by staying cool as a cucumber. His calm, casual demeanor may in fact be the secret to all of his success.

Adamik Project Bedroom

As a child, Stan was encouraged by his mother to follow his artistic pursuits and it was then when Stan began drawing houses and rooms within them.  Stan attended Georgia State University and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Twenty years later, he is still at it. In the span of twenty years, Stan has created some amazing spaces that have even included being on the design team for a penthouse for Elton John and more recently, Stan transformed a suburban patio home into an upscale, urban masterpiece located twenty minutes outside of Pittsburgh. Stan believes that really great designers inherently know how to think in a multidimensional way. When I asked Stan about where interior design is and where it’s headed, he had a few interesting theories. “Even though good design is becoming increasingly more accessible to the masses, it still takes a trained, experienced designer to put it all together and really make it work. Generally speaking, most people can’t do it themselves and because of that, I think interior design is becoming more service driven than ever.”

Adamik Project Living Room - Kitchen

Today, Stan and his partner, Jason Charney live and work in the city and share an impressive loft in Pittsburgh’s vibrant Lawrenceville neighborhood. They renovated the loft to reflect their personal aesthetic. White walls with pops of color, well-placed track lighting that highlights the architectural features of the space and white coated concrete floors provide an elegant, gallery-like backdrop for the thoughtfully chosen furnishings and artwork. Their home is located in the LEED Core and Shell Certified building known as Blackbird Artists’ Lofts which is described as an urban mixed-use complex that fits in with the 19th Century character of Lower Lawrenceville.

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While Stan Adamik is certainly an influential interior designer, he was influenced by other design legends like Billy Baldwin, Albert Hadley and Stan Topol. Today, Stan is inspired by interior designers, Jeffrey Bilhuber and Roman and Williams. Stan currently works at Weisshouse in Pittsburgh’s fashion-forward Shadyside neighborhood.