A Tokyo Sunrise and Hermès

For the last few years, Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto has been capturing the Tokyo sunrise and sunset from his roof as part of his Polarized Color project. Using a crystal lens to refract the sunlight onto a blank wall, he photographs the resulting color fields with his dwindling supply of Polaroid film. And now his vibrant works of art are available as a Hermès scarf.


Upon visiting his studio, Hermès’s Artistic Director Pierre-Alexis Dumas invited Sugimoto to participate in the luxury brand’s Editeur series. The series reproduces work from artists on the iconic silk Carre scarf. After selecting 20 photos from his collection, Dumas’s team used a newly developed inkjet printing technique to transform the images into shimmering, luminous accessories. Sugimoto is the third artist to collaborate with Hermès for the series. The limited edition of 140 scarves are about twice as expensive as a regular Carre scarf, selling for $1,000 on Hermès’s website