A Modern Japanese Bistro

The Japanese bistro Kinoya, is a hidden gem in Montreal, Canada. Designer Jean de Lessard played with volumes and shapes and simplicity for this modern take on the tapas bar. A shining example of casual chic, Lessard has given Kinoya an amazing sense of dynamism and fluidity with a wink to tradition.

Gigantic plum blossoms, peonies and stylized chrysanthemums adorn the floor, walls, and ceiling. These massive flowers are a contemporary representation of the kamon; the heraldic insignia of ancient samurai clans. Identical patterns of the flowers can be found on tiny paper kimonos throughout the restaurant as well as on the menu card. Lessard fused materials like the warm, golden aura of wood; the delicate and sharp shades of pink against masculine glossy black and lush classic grays in his design. Utilizing soft, indirect lighting Lessard evokes a certain ambiance while playing on different architectural elements of the space. Lessard on his design,  “I wanted to create a place which would be sexy but not fake, a place where both men and women would feel good.”

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